Monday, March 12, 2007

Gryffindor Watch

I have lots of crafting planned for the Harry Potter releases this summer (movie 5, book 7). I am starting a little late though so I am sticking with easy quick projects. I live in Texas so as much as I would like a hogwarts scarf, I'm not gonna even try to go there. I'm making a watch instead!

I'm only halfway through with it and hope to be done with it tonight.
In other news, I finished my dishcloths for the Dishalicious Dishcloth Swap on Craftster! I'm so proud of how quickly I was able to knit them (2 in 3 days!). I am going out of town tomorrow night and will be gone until Sunday night. Going to Houston!! The boy and I are taking C and T to the Houston Children's Museum and to the beach to ride the ferry! T is all into transportation right now so he's been asking to ride a ferry. I'll also be looking for a job as I'm moving to Houston in May. More crafty news coming tomorrow.

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